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The wolf totally gets a bad rap in Little Red Riding Hood. There he is, eating that naughty girl up, and the huntsman barges in with his big ax. I'll bet she loved it. I'll bet she adored her big, bad wolf right up until she didn't get her happy ending.

This wolf doesn't disappoint in bed. Ever.

Everywhere else? Absolutely. I've got a long, colorful history of disappointing my pack mates and fellow bikers in the Breed MC. I've never met a rule I wouldn't break, but now I'm ready to make up for it. I'll atone for my crimes. Live happily ever after. If I'm lucky, I won't even die of boredom. Being the good wolf is the least exciting gig I've ever had.

But after I kidnap a midwife, being good gets harder than ever. I need said midwife to nurse my Alpha's mate through a difficult pregnancy. Kidnapping Rain was supposed to be my good deed for the day and a sure-fire way to make up for the mistakes I've made with my pack, but now my arms are full of sexy, smart woman and I'm totally up for a change in plans.

I want this woman.

I want her to be mine.

And yeah… I want to be hers.

But what's a wolf to do when he falls in love with Little Red Riding Hood? I'm supposed to keep my hands (and all my other amazing parts) to myself because kissing the midwife is off-limits for this reformed bad boy. Or it should be. Because I'm about to be a very, very bad wolf indeed.

*** This is a full-length, standalone paranormal romance with a filthy-minded, down-and-dirty wolf shifter who doesn't have a filter but who does possess another outsized attribute to make up for it. You don't have to read the other Breed MC books to enjoy Fang, but you will have a whole new appreciation for what he has to atone for. ***

October 2
Anne Marsh

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