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BARCELONA are the greatest football team in the world, the greatest for a generation and possibly the greatest of all time. 

This is the untold inside story of how the best and most loved football team in the world came to redefine how the game is played. 

We start with the 2011 Champions League final at Wembley, the game that ended the debate about whether Barcelona were the greatest team in the world and began a new one: are they the best ever? 

We are inside the winning dressing room and inside the mind of the team's coach, Pep Guardiola. 

From there, the focus is on each of the iconic personalities of this team, telling its story through them, from their genesis in the late 1980s to their coronation in London: Guardiola; his mentor, Johan Cruyff; Xavi; Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi, perhaps the greatest footballer of all time.

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January 30
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Customer Reviews

m8y999 ,

Thank You Graham

As a narrow-minded supporter and follower of Scottish football, this book along with your past interviews and commentaries on Spanish football, have really opened my eyes to the more intimate nature of football. Barcelona truly have brought the game to a new realm, a new base-line, for others to at least appreciate if not replicate. I think Barcelona FC owe you some gratitude for bringing a wider audience to their altar. They were of course already huge, but your enthusiastic chronichling and insight make them "more than a club", to us non-Catalans. They are a joy to watch the majority of the time, as they play so coherently and together, without any desire for personal glory. I have made it a personal must to attend a game at the Camp Nou and witness with my own eyes the greatest footballing squad we might ever see. I only wish the same detail to developing individual technique for the benefit of the entire squad could be taught in Scotland. Rather than youngsters wanting to be Messi or Ronaldo, they should be thinking "I want to be Barcelona". A thought like that from a young mind epitomises what Barcelona stand for and preach. It's a pity the soul of Real Madrid has been sold so cheaply, but credit to the staff of Barcelona for sticking to their ideals and playing the long game. They have ensured that the Club can be respected world wide. Real, regrettably have lost some shine and tarnished a proud history at least in the hearts of the puritans. For Barcelona NOT to hire Mourinho was the boldest and greatest decision they have ever made. Graham, keep doing what you're doing, it is greatly appreciated. I am recommending this book to everyone! Even the missus had a wee peek and was impressed! (I've changed the way she views football by explaining the science and beauty of the Barcelona game!)

Sports Reader ,

Barca: The making of the Greatest Team

Disappointing.The book wanders around between different periods in Barca's recent history.There doesn't appear to be a proper structure in place and the aim of explaining the title becomes lost.
The author is also so sycophantic.Pointless anecdotes are shoe-horned into the book in a desperate attempt to prove he is 'in' with the players.
One such tale involves Hunter,working for a FIFA TV crew being in the Spanish dressing room after their World Cup win in 2010.He claims Xavi came over to him from the celebrating,shook his hand and said "Thanks for everything". It was at this point I gave up....

Lennon22 ,


Would love a TV documentary to be made solely on this book and give Graham the full reigns to do it his way! It's that good!

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