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This is the special edition of Kevin Peter Lee’s four best-selling books for the beginner level of Mandarin Chinese. Basic Chinese For Beginners! The Complete Collection: All 4 Books! has everything you need to gain a thorough understanding of how Mandarin Chinese is spoken and read. Included is 222 flashcards that feature the most common Chinese words in both Simplified and Traditional characters.
After studying Mandarin Chinese in China and Taiwan for over fifteen years, it occurred to me that there is no easy way to learn the language. However, there is a right and wrong way of learning Chinese.
Most people give up trying to learn Mandarin Chinese after one month. Many people don’t go further than a beginner’s level. This is because they don’t bother learning the grammatical structure of Chinese and therefore will never be able to fluently converse.
The wrong way is to learn common phrases and hope that you can collect enough to “pick-up” the language. Unfortunately, most Chinese programs will teach you this way. I tried this and became frustrated because progress was extremely slow.
The right way is to learn pronunciation, speaking, reading, writing and grammar at the same time, while thoroughly learning a particular topic.
You’ll be learning the absolute best way to begin mastering Mandarin Chinese. By combining all aspects of the language, you will quickly become a fluent speaker, an excellent listener, a strong reader and a beautiful writer of Mandarin Chinese.
The most important thing about learning Mandarin Chinese is to be patient, diligent and above all, have fun.
Trust in the learning process that this book provides and you will master Mandarin Chinese sooner than you think.

April 19
Kevin Peter Lee

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