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I grew up dirt poor. I determined that I would get some money and I would never again be poor.
In order to earn some money, I managed to get into a work-study program, in high school. I would go to school mornings, with the little children. Afternoons, I earned money, with the adults. After a while, I dressed like an adult, talked like an adult and thought like an adult. My high school didn’t like the situation at all.
My high school school had a clever plan. They put me on joint projects with, ‘good girls.’ The good girls would lecture me about proper behavior. They did and it was boring as hell. One day they assigned me to work with Tina. Tina lived with her very religious parents, until they were killed by a holdup man. Then, Tina lived with her aunt. Living with her aunt was like being in prison, for Tina. If it was fun, Tina couldn’t do it.
Tina was, however, a very pretty young girl, with an outstanding set of tits! When I found out that Tina had the social skills that I needed in a wife, I put some moves on Tina. Tina jumped out of her aunt’s lifeboat, into my lifeboat then we got married and set sail.
Tina, despite her total lack of experience, was a fantastic f**k. She liked it and I think wanted to be sexually dominated. At first, Tina was a bit shy about my seeing her in the nude body, but she quickly became very enthusiastic about displaying herself, for my viewing pleasure. I didn’t realize then just how enthusiastic.
Tina had been talking to adults all of her life. She worked as a sort of receptionist for her parent’s business after school and was very good at handling people. Even when living with her aunt, she still did the receptionist thing, as her aunt continued to run the same business.
After we got out of school, the company that employed me quickly got into big trouble financially. Tina and I moved and I got a new job, doing what I had done successfully before. Tina got a job at a health club.
The adventure started with Tina’s health club job. It seems that the health club put out a calendar every year. A dozen of the hottest ladies at the health club were featured as Miss January through Miss December. Each lady was photographed, in the tiniest bikini imaginable, working out on some gym machine.
Tina was pictured in a ‘Fly’ machine. She was seated with her arms spread wide, supposedly ready to pull the ‘wings’ of the machine together. Tina’s D cup breasts were nearly popping out of the top of the micro bikini she wore and the bikini bottom just barely covered her perfect cookie. Tina looked unbelievably hot!
Surprisingly, the rest of the ladies in the calendar were not health club employees, but trophy wives of the new-economy company, for which I work. I thought Tina was the best looking lady of the bunch. Apparently, so did the top management of my company.
I got home from work one fine day and an unbelievably excited Tina told me that we were invited to a party with some of the top management of my company. I was delighted! I knew that Tina’s appearance and social skills would help me earn us a good living, I just hadn’t expected results quite so soon.
The party invitation was the good news. The bad news, which slowly emerged, was that the ladies would wear their calendar bikinis to the party. I immediately saw what the executives had on their minds.
I carefully pointed out to Tina that, when I caressed her tits, she lost all control. It was as if there was a direct link between Tina’s tits and her pussy. Wearing her calendar bikini was like being topless. Executive hands (and maybe tongues) would be all over her tits and f*****g would follow.
After a lot of evading and denying, Tina finally admitted that there would likely be, “… some sex,” at the party. Tina also told me that the CEO’s wife had made it pretty clear that attendance at the party was mandatory. Besides, I had had the opportunity to ‘feel up’ a lot of girls, back in school.

Fiction & Literature
March 31
R. Richard

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