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We like to think that the world is coming at us. It is not. The world is actually coming from us.

Be Yourself presents the keys to stepping up and being your authentic self. Nicky Kassapian empowers others to bloom, drawing from parts of her own walk and sharing the gifts, practices and techniques shes used along the way. Chapter by chapter, addressing all areas of life, Nicky serves as a personal guide and mentor, assisting you to see what is possible in life and how to achieve it. Through practical easy-to-follow actions and insightful guidance, Be Yourself helps and encourages you to go beyond yourself and who and what you think you are.

Praise for Be Yourself

In Be Yourself: The Art of Stepping Up, Nicky Kassapian has provided a clear map for navigating your inner world. She does this through the insights gleaned as an energy worker and master of self-reflection. Nicky shines the light upon all the dark places and in doing so she illuminates the optionsthe path of fear or the path of love. Her close attention to the unfolding spiral of life invites you into an intimate and gentle dance with all that you are: living beauty. Deborah Carlyon, Spiritual Guidance Counselor and Author, Mama Kuma

Grounded in authenticity, this inspirational book is full of empowering guidance and practical tools to help readers cultivate self-awareness and self-realization. Nicky Kassapian is a genuinely gifted soul healer and teacher who, by tapping into her deep well of wisdom and thought- provoking insights, sheds fresh light on matters of the heart and spirit. Rebecca Walker, Founder, The Wellness Nomad

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March 18
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