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Axel is an adrenaline junkie with a strong craving for anything fast—fast bikes, fast cars, fast living. His reputation as an all-around bad boy is as notorious as his reputation in the street-racing game.

Then he meets Savannah: sexy, savvy and the only woman Axel has ever met who is capable of beating him in a race. The two go head-to-head and tensions—and passions—flare. When Axel just barely beats Savannah in a race, he knows he has met his match. . .in more ways than one. Savannah is the woman of his dreams.

That is, until she disappears without a trace. Axel spends the next few years trying to erase the painful memories of Savannah, and kill his secret dreams of what they could have built together if only she had stayed.

But when Savannah returns six years later, she's not alone. Standing beside her is a little boy who bears a startling resemblance to Axel. . . .

December 16
Alexa Davis

Customer Reviews

jennifer Rahman ,

Beautiful secret baby

I struggle to finish this book. I found it boring and it dragged on.

Jackiea5 ,

Beautiful Secret Baby

So glad I haven’t paid for this book, Axle reads like a woman from the first page! Didn’t get past the first race...

love happy endings ,

It’s okay

The books female lead was really confusing to understand and quite annoying. Why she kept making the same mistake and taking the child away to me was just plain stupidity. I found it very hard to envision her as a strong female lead. Every decision just seemed to be made too rashly and out of fear.
The male lead was also just too nice. How many times can u forgive a person for taking away your child.
I’m the chapters where they were together and as a family really saved this book. But all in all it did start to lose my attention in the middle, and I struggle to read to the end.

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