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An adult book, not suitable for under-18s.

Becky can't help it: when she comes she sprays. The thought of having wet and messy sex turns her on too, but her boyfriend Tom thinks it's wrong. Anyway when she's with him she doesn't spray because he doesn't make her come enough.

Then when Tom, drunk, falls asleep 'on the job,' she finds a text on his phone from a girl, and discovers that he's been having an affair for a year. She decides it's better to get even than to get mad, and arranges to go away by herself for a weekend.

She soon finds that there are other people who can make her come, and are turned on by the same things that she is. This story features urination and piss-drinking, girl-on-girl action, men-on-girl action, and much more. An excerpt:

'.... there were four urinals, one of which was being used, and there was one other man in there drying his hands. Amber turned to Becky and whispered, "I've no idea how we're supposed to do this!"
Similarly quietly Becky replied, "Me neither, but let's get rid of the knickers first."
Both girls were wearing skirts that finished just above their knees; lifting them slightly they both pulled their thongs down and stepped out of them. Becky looked at her new friend; the two men were staring at them, eyes wide, mouths hanging slightly open, as Becky stepped up to one of the urinals. She lifted her skirt above her waist and held it there with her arms, and, straddling the white porcelain, she used her fingers to open herself. Her smoothly waxed pubis was clearly visible to the small audience, and she could see that Amber was looking at her as closely as the men were.
But not for long. Amber soon followed Becky's example and straddled the next urinal. Soon both the girls were spraying a torrent of golden rain into the bowls, watched avidly by the two men. Eventually they finished; Becky looked at Amber and said, "I need some tissue or something. I can't just shake it the way men do."
Amber said, "There might be other ways of drying ourselves. Or being dried."
They turned towards the men, still holding their skirts high, and the men knew just what was expected of them. They knelt down in front of the two girls ....'

Fiction & Literature
April 8
Karyn Beauvoir

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