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Thinking about adopting a new puppy? Well, you have a lot of options and decision to make! This new book offers a comprehensive overview of ways to find and adopt the perfect dog for you and your family. You’ll discover the pros and cons of rescuing a dog from a shelter or animal rescue group, working directly with a breeder, shopping for a dog online, or buying a puppy from a pet store, for example. 

This information-packed book is easy-to-understand, non-technical, and explains the costs and many responsibilities related to adopting a dog (any breed, age, sex, and size). It will help you prepare to add a new furry family member into your home, while avoiding common pitfalls and potentially costly problems. 

Becoming a Puppy Parent is NOT another dog training guide! Instead, this book will help you choose the best dog for you (and your family) based on your lifestyle, home, desires, expectations, and finances. A dog’s breed, age, gender, size, and temperament, for example, will all contribute to your experience as a pet parent. Making the right decisions will ensure your experience is amazing.

As you’re about to discover, adopting a new dog is an extremely emotional experience, during which people forget to consider that bringing a dog into their home is a long-term commitment that requires time, patience, money, and a lot of love. Are you emotionally and financially prepared for the added responsibilities of becoming a pet parent?

Becoming a Puppy Parent will help you set realistic expectations and ensure you have the most rewarding experience possible during every step of the adoption process. This book is written by Jason R. Rich (www.JasonRich.com), an internationally recognized and accomplished author, journalist, and photographer. He’s also the author of Pampering Your Pooch: Discover What Your Dog Needs, Wants, and Loves (Howell Book House/Wiley), and contributes weekly pet-related articles to PawTracks.com.

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19 June
Jason R. Rich

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