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Belinda Blumenthal, worldwide Sales Director of Steeles Pots and Pans is in big trouble. Can the sexiest girl in sales continue to remove her brassiere whilst the evil grows....

Belinda Blinked 5 continues the story of erotic fantasy; of sexual innuendo; of unforgettable characters… and somewhat big business deals whilst the Devil's darkness engulfs their world. Wait let's not forget family betrayal… yes family;

Once again Rocky Flintstone, the self-published author who put the 'rot' in Erotica, presents his 5th book of the Belinda Blinked series. Belinda Blumenthal, the International Sales Director of Steeles Pots and Pans, has found herself in many tricky situations… small ones, big ones, sticky ones and worst of all, flaky ones. But never has she had to fight death, explosions, treason, espionage and big business on a combined front. 

It's an impossible task and even the assistance of James Spooner from MI6, the mysterious Duchess and the Confidential Order of Cookware Knights may not be enough. With her sales team cut to ribbons by the latest atrocity which a rouge agent has initiated at the behest of Herr Bisch, the poisonous Chief Executive of Bisch Herstellung of East Berlin, can even Belinda survive this devastating turn of events.

In this mad world of backstabbing, business intrigue and late night steamy sex sessions, can the much weakened forces of good overcome the dark entrails of the bad. Many answers lie in this book so read on dear Belinker…. if you feel you can....... and hope… because hope is all that's left.

Fiction & Literature
17 December
Mr R.A. Flintstone

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