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Being born premature was Danny’s first battle. Against all the odds, he clung on to life with every heartbeat. Delivered from the safety of his mother’s womb into the arms of a sinful world. Through a small hole in his incubator, his mum would reach out to touch his tiny, undeveloped hands. For weeks this would be there only contact and through this and his will to survive, Danny and his mother established a beautiful bond. 

Raised in a typical West Indian family in the heart of the East London. His mum who can best be described as a God fearing, Catholic woman, first introduced Danny to God, through daily bible teachings. Though he knew of God, he never had a relationship or ever felt the need to call upon his name. 

From humble beginnings, he soon earned his stripes through to adulthood, becoming a loving husband and devoted father. Danny had all that he needed, the house, the car, decent job. He was content with the cards; life had dealt him, until… Now there was a day that Satan (the adversary) appeared before God in heaven and challenges God that if given permission to punish the man, he will turn and curse God to his face. 

Following the sudden death of his beloved mother, all that Danny had loved and cared for was taken from him. Losing himself in his mourning, he then declared war by cursing the world and everything in it, including himself. Abandoning his faith, he turned his back on his creator, slipping into a sea of darkness, shadowed by sex, drugs & alcohol, all that his flesh desired. Struggling to accept his circumstances, he reached out to the spirit of his mother for comfort, only to find something dark and sinister. Falling to his knees, for the first time in his life, Danny cried out to the LORD.

Fiction & Literature
August 14

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langilala ,


I found this book a very good read exciting/suspense/humorous and a love story. Looking through the eyes of someone who relives their life and then finding their creator.

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