Big Bad Wolf #1 Big Bad Wolf #1

Big Bad Wolf #1

Skylar Quinn and Others
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    • £4.99

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The Wolf's Flower by Vivian Blake

Exotic flowers are not the only secret Rafe White keeps. Even though their first encounter is stifling with animosity, Lucy Roc is both wild and beautiful like the flowers he cultivates, and he falls for her almost instantly. He'll trust her with his most valuable secret and she'll learn to love both the florist and the beast within. But dangerous forces lurk, seeking to uncover their secrets and steal Rafe from Lucy. Can enchanted gemstones and true love break the sorceress's spell when all else seems lost?

The Wolf of Her Dreams by Missy Jane

Nothing ruins Nathaniel's weekends faster than having to save one of his pendejo cousins from some stupid prank. Being wolf-shifters, the tamest incident can turn deadly fast. When he finds out his younger cousin was picked up by the pound, Nathaniel has no choice but to drive to San Antonio to get him. Hopefully, before anyone realizes he isn't really a wolfdog.

Anjelica loves working at the San Antonio Humane Society. She especially loves large dogs. When one of them arrives stinking of beer she's furious at the thought of him being abused. Then the hottest man she's ever seen shows up to claim him and completely changes her life. One whirlwind romance later has Anjelica reevaluating everything about her life, her home, and love.

Reclaiming Scarlett by Sunny A. Morgan

Scarlett's heart pounded in her chest as she walked through the Skull Kings MC clubhouse door. Her mother sent her here to find her biological father. Scarlett's life was in danger and the Skull Kings were her only hope. The scent of leather and alcohol wafted under her nose as she stepped inside. Her eyes widened in disbelief when she saw him. The last place she ever expected to see Wolf was here. But there he stood, staring back at her with a mixture of surprise and concern etched on his face.

Running From You by Skylar Quinn

Responsibility wasn't always Johnny Wulf's strong suit, but now, he had to come to terms with his father dying and the pack needing him to take his rightful spot. The only thing standing in his way was the issue of his mate. Jane had no desire to rekindle the relationship she had tried to forget for a decade. The love of her life had abandoned her, and she had done just fine rebuilding her existence without him. Now the two are tasked with coming together for the good of the pack. Both were stubborn and neither wanted to face an existence without the other.

Cherry's Fairy Tales by F. Leonora Solomon

Cherry always loved fairy tales when she was a little girl, not the simple happy endings but the darker tales.

Until she kept living them over and over. On a quick run to her grandmother's penthouse before a gala she had to attend, nothing would be simple–only very dark.

A wolf lies in wait.

Unless Cherry gets the chance to write her own fairy tale with a different kind of ending.

5 July
CRUSH Publishing

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