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Abe: I have more money than I could spend in two lifetimes, but no one to spend it on. Ever since I was a lonely little boy, I've wanted a family to call my own, a real family, not one where parents give you away to your mean grandfather to rot under his thumb. One comprised of a loving mother and a doting father. And that's a dream I've never given up. I know I could be a great father, even if I'm don't think I'd be much of a husband. When I see her ad asking for a sperm donor, I realize it's the opportunity to get what I've always wanted. I just wasn't expecting to fall so hard for her. What will she say when she finds out that I'm the mystery donor? Will I be able to keep my dream family together, or with the secret tear us apart? 

Kalya: Bouncing from foster home to foster home, I've never really had a family. So once I got older, I decided to build one on my own. A mystery donor provides what I need to get started, but that's when the bottom falls out. Losing my job forces me to look for work elsewhere, preferably somewhere I can bring my baby along. That's where he comes in. He's a billionaire, but he's got a soft spot for single mothers. He offers me a position working in my home office, and he'll provide room and board. He's hot, rich, and kind, so I decide to take a chance. Although he's generous, he's also distant, almost cold. Until he kisses me for the first time. Everything is going well until I discover he's been hiding a secret that could shatter both our lives. How do I forgive him from keeping it from me? 

22 August

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