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Stone-Black is on the brink of destruction and Delilah's heart threatens to tear her and Jackson Stone apart. They face a clever foe and their own demons.
Will he finally take off his mask and give his heart to her? Or is it truly over between them?
This is the eighth and final part of the "Billionaire Boss" series by Emily Cantore and is 7750 words long.
They say the only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting what you want.
Well, I had wanted Stone-Black destroyed. I'd studied the owners and seen pictures of Mr. Stone and swore that I would do my best to take him and his company down.
Then I'd met him.
Then I'd fallen for him.
And I'd found that he wasn't the culprit.
But still, Stone-Black was going to be destroyed.
And there I was, wrapped in a towel still dripping water on to an expensive carpet, a length of rope in my hands that had very recently been used to bind me, and my boss, Mr. Jackson Stone, in front of me, his eyes mirrors, doubt creeping like a poison through his body.
"I would never..." I begun.
Normally, Mr. Stone was in control of his emotions. He had his standard Mr. Stone face - flat and unreadable - and this was the one he showed the world. It was his mask and he had worn it so long it had become him. But now, there was no mask. He was furious. He let go of the phone and took two steps across the room to stand in front of me. Was this it? I was about to be fired and thrown out while wearing a towel? By a gorgeous man wearing a towel?
Mr. Stone slipped the coiled rope from my hands and placed it on the carpet beside him. Then he stroked his fingers up my arm until they came to rest on my collar.
"Even after all we've been through ... you still don't trust me," he stated.
"I do trust you. It's just ... how this looks. The files gone and I asked you to come here."
"You don't trust my feelings about you. That I'm fickle or that I'll suspect you're lying to me and it's all over, even without any proof."

Fiction & Literature
12 May
Emily Cantore

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