Billionaire Romance: The Spy's Desires: Tropical Paradise

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The Spy's Desires: Tropical Paradise (An Alpha Billionaire Romance) - Can be read as a Standalone book.

Sandra Cruise is a woman that is bored with her life. She spends most of her time reading fantasy novels in the bookstore where she works, and at times fantasizes herself as the main female character of the romance books she reads, when in reality, she is a lonely woman on the inside. Her sister, Annie, is a popular columnist, but many people do not know what she looks like. That is why one day when Annie is invited to host an event at an exclusive club, she decides to send her sister on her behalf, since she is held up with other urgent matters. At first Sandra is skeptical, being a shy woman, but Annie convinces her to go.

Ethan Walters is an undercover agent on the trail of a notorious drug cartel leader. He is a handsome single man in his mid-thirties. Ethan gets Intel that the thug is headed for Tropical Paradise, a privately owned island with a resort on it, and he heads there to go and see if he can capture him there. As he sits at the reception waiting to see if the thug has come by the scheduled charter flight that comes by daily, the hot blonde that he has ever seen walks in with the group of guests. He is immediately taken by her beauty.

When scouting around the cottages on the island in search of the cartel leader, he accidentally bumps into Sandra Cruise while skirting her compound and she confuses him for a thug and raises an alarm. He would like to tell her his real identity, but can't risk it because he is still at work. Sandra on the other hand, has a mad crush on the guy that had been watching her in the reception but she later discovers that he is a thug. She is still unable to resist him and lets him make love to her during a weak moment. She then plans to take off from the island sooner than she had wanted, only for it to be shown on the news that he was an undercover agent after a notorious thug, and he has caught the thug on the island. Before she can board the flight out, Ethan stops her and proposes to her.

*This story contains mature themes and language. It is intended to be enjoyed by an 18+ audience only. 
*No cliffhangers here!  Each book of An Alpha Billionaire Romance has a Happily-Ever-After ending. 
Each new book introduces new characters. 
*Please be aware that this is a romance short. Shorter fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full-length novel.

Fiction & Literature
5 May
Rosalie E. Walton

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