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The Billionaire Vampire Bundle contains three erotic stories of aristocratic vampire lovers laying claim to their young female prey. 


1. Noble Blood: The Billionaire Vampire's Proposal

When an ages-old vampire aristocrat seeks a young bride to sate his dark desires, it proves impossible for a young woman to resist his advances....

Elizabeth has been tending a bar all her life - but she dreams of bigger things. So when a handsome, mysterious stranger arrives at her tavern early one evening, she finds herself strangely enthralled by his unexpected attentions.

When Elizabeth learns her suitor is a nobleman in disguise, she thinks she has him figured out at last - even after he invites her to join him at his ancestral castle.  But what she doesn't know... may come back to bite her.

This erotic tale contains depictions of supernatural encounters with a powerful vampire lord, rough sex, oral, and depictions of a vampire siring his willing bride.

2. Seduced at the Billionaire Vampire's Ball

Angela Day’s life had been lacking novelty when she was invited to a black-tie ball at a mansion on the outskirts of town. Her excitement for the event is quickly usurped by her excitement for more information about the mysterious host, elegant Garrett Lockhart.

The tall, dark, and handsome businessman is unlike anyone she’d ever met, and when he comes to her rescue from an unwelcome suitor at the ball, she learns exactly how unique he really is... and of his plans for her.

3. The Billionaire Vampire's Project

Emily Shields is astonished at the elegance of her new job, dictating a gothic novel for a wealthy, famous recluse known as Damian Corinth. What she didn’t expect was that her stern, handsome new boss would turn out to be a centuries-old vampire!

Before there's time for second thoughts about the intimidating, supernatural man, Damian has her caught up in his seductive web, introducing her to the pleasures of the night in his unique approach to on-the-job training.

Fiction & Literature
July 1
Sage Reamen

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