Bimbo Training

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Publisher Description

Immediately after making the biggest discovery of his scientific career, Jack comes home to celebrate with his wife Serena. He’s done it! He has finally done it. With a combination of genetic manipulation and nanotechnology, Jack’s invention will change humanity. After just one injection, he can rewrite DNA, modifying a person’s appearance or personality.

His moment of glory is almost shattered; as he walks through the door, Serena tells him the truth. She is sick of their relationship. She's tired of pretending that she cares about him. She has been waiting for him to get rich, and it just hasn't happened yet. So she's going to divorce him. Oh, and she is going to be vicious. She wants every penny he has.

Jack can't believe it. But because she has been so cold and calculating, he comes to a very rational choice. He decides to test his new formula on her. When her back is turned, he injects her with the serum.

With his tablet, Jack can enter in any command, rewriting her body as well as her mind. Before, she was determined to leave him. Now, she yearns to obey her husband.

Not only that, Jack decides to make a couple of improvements to his wife. For one, he thinks she'd be cute as a blonde. They have more fun, right? Actually, he intends to change a lot about her personality. Before, Serena was cold and distant, always using sex as a weapon. After a few modifications, she becomes a horny slut, desperately attracted to her husband, always eager to please, whether that means having sex with him or other women for his amusement. She will do anything. She belongs to him in every way, and now he just has to train her. Sometimes, she’ll be his pet, sometimes she'll be slave, and sometimes she'll be his servant girl. She can’t help herself.

She needs to please him.

One thing is clear. From this point forward, she going to be his bimbo.

Publisher's Note: This 23,000 word title contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable. BDSM themes and content include: a**l sex, bondage, threesomes, public humiliation, domestic discipline, spanking, body modification, and bimbofication. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

Fiction & Literature
22 October
Bound Pages Press

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