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Binge Eating SOS: A Secret Step by Step Program to Cure Binge Eating Disorder and Overcome Food Addiction​

Before we start, answer these simple questions-

Are you struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating or overeating?

Are you managing to lose weight repeatedly only to gain it all back ?

Have you tried diet after diet with no permanent success?

Do you constantly think about how obese you are or need to lose weight?

Do you always feel driven to eat when you are not hungry ?

Have you felt the urge to continue eating even when you are full?

Do you dream of living a life totally free of all the negative self-perceptions that come with this nightmare disorder ie the eating disorder?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of the above questions, then this book is just what you need to get informed, grow confident, and take the steps necessary to get exactly what you want out of your life and your relationship with food!

In Binge Eating SOS-Overcome Food Addiction and Cure Binge Eating Disorders with Proven Step by Step Program , you'll learn skills and nutrition guidelines recommended by doctors and therapists for healthy eating and how to quell the often overpowering urge to overeat.

Using a variety of practices drawn from complementary and alternative medicine, you'll replace unhealthy habits with nourishing rewards and relaxation practices. This potent combination of therapies will help you end your dependence on overeating as a way to cope with unpleasant feelings and shows you how to develop new strategies for a healthier lifestyle.

This workbook will help you learn the following :
Identify the trigger foods and feelings that spur you to binge or overeatThe dangers of sugar , why is sugar like heroine and the reasons of dump sugar now.Why is emotional eating so hard to control and how to tackle with itImportance of accountability , the S's and leering from past failures.Determine how stress, depression, and anxiety may be affecting your eatingSelf-spying for your own goodWhy wrong foods are so wrongWhat foods to include and what foods to absolutely avoidMy 7-Day Kick-start plan to manage food cravingThe real detoxification plansCraving killer whole day tasty diets and recipesCalm yourself in stressful times with nourishing self-care practicesLearn to appreciate and accept your body
Binge Eating SOS-Overcome Food Addiction and Cure Binge Eating Disorders with Proven Step by Step Program was written with individuals like you in mind – individuals who are ready to take massive action to achieve massive results!

So what are you waiting for?

Take action, not now, but right now, and grab your copy, today!

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August 31
Sam Spotter

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