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Doctor Taylor developed a theory of natural childbirth based on Dr Grantly Dick Read's initial approach. He was met with 100% drug free smooth births. However this is not a book on breathing exercises and yoga positions. The exercises used are simple and standard. The difficulty with birth will never be met with new positions or medical advances, because that is not where the problem lies. Birth is not merely a physical event, it is matched with a highly intricate, extremely delicate psychological process in both mother and child. Easily overlooked and treated in a purely medical manner it reduces what should have been a beautiful, spiritual and pain free birth into the cold clinical operations we see in place practiced today in most hospitals. Actually birth never was a form of sickness. The real solution lies in understanding that process.
DNA is a form of memory, in that it physically "remembers" the human form. It is physical memory. Running alongside it undetected is another replicative process, a non-physical memory, which occurs at birth and transmits not the physical body but the human spirit and understanding. Only by comprehending this mechanism can we avoid trampling both mother and child in our rush to support her by interfering in what nature had already set neatly in place. This book describes that process and focuses on stressed and differential relaxation as the key elements to success.

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19 June
Robert Taylor

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