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Here's a bit of a guide of what to expect:

Apocalypse Soup Kitchen – it’s the end of the world but not as we know it…
Exit Strategy – what do you do when you simply can’t go on?
Ground Control - a lone astronaut looks on as Earth is battered by natural and economic turmoil.
Duty – let's get medieval on your ass.
Boredroom – for anyone who has ever been in a corporate meeting and wanted to be anywhere else.
Date Night - where's the line between sexy and plain old nasty?
Insisted Suicide – turn on the radio and listen to a chilling but not impossible future.
Fair Game – a back to basics creepy tale of a man with seemingly nothing to lose.
The Davinci Codec – a giant corporation indoctrinates its employees with a positive spin on a groundbreaking product.
Comic Con – to lighten the tone, a little at least. What's going on at the Comic Convention?

Fiction & Literature
June 6
A.W. Wilson

Customer Reviews

furge68 ,

Seriously impressed

Fantastic collection of thought provoking and at times hilarious short stories. Some will stay with me for a good long while.

Have already read Accidental Hitman - also fantastic - and I’m going to track down the other titles from this author right now, I’d recommend anyone reading this to do the same.

Genius stuff.

Old melv ,

Black no sugar

A great little collection of short story's. The humour is dark there's laughs on the way through and the stories are varied to keep your interest.

Readster 111 ,

Black no Sugar

Nice bunch of bitesize stories, a good blend of really quite dark ideas satire and some real funny bits. Definitely worth buying

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