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Justin Renne is a bear shifter. Everyone takes that fact for granted, but he knows he is an oddity. Born of two half-breed parents, he should never have been granted the ability to shapeshift. But he can, and after witnessing a horrible tragedy, has decided to put his powers to use helping others. Even if that means battling the mysterious Agency and being forced to kill. With his body count rising though, Justin finds the nightmares are just beginning. His nerve is being tested, and just when he needs to focus the most, life throws him another curveball, in the form of...

Shay Lyon, an adrenaline seeking speed demon, five foot nine worth of attitude and sass. When the big, sexy shifter ends up on the flat of his back in front of her, she can't help but be intrigued by his story. Not many people can walk away from that sort of accident, and she's never met a shifter before. Even though he threatens to distract her from trying to track down her birth-father, Shay realizes that the pull between them isn't normal at all.

Behind the wheel, Shay is calm and in control, laser-focused with a singular set of skills. But when oversized bears start doing battle in an alleyway, her entire world gets turned on its end. As her search for her father intensifies, so does the bond between her and Justin. Can he protect her from his world of death and violence, or will she end up as just one more nightmare that haunts him?

November 11
Amelia Jade

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