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Austin thought it would be a drag, ferrying a greenhorn writer around Wyoming, hoping to get a solid write-up for his company in a travel industry mag. Instead, he finds himself charmed by Kat’s quick wit, enchanting green eyes and sexy smile. Her enthusiasm and willingness to try anything piques his interest in her as a woman, but he has one hard, fast rule—never dally with the female clients. He figures that goes double for the woman he’s hosting for promotional purposes. But when the attraction between them sets off enough sparks to feed a five-alarm fire, it’s too damn hot for Austin’s werewolf blood to resist.

Kat’s assignments have consisted of five-star resort openings and fancy cruises to exotic locations. She only picks up the Wyoming gig to help out a co-worker in a jam. A three-day hiking trip through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons isn’t exactly her thing, but she’s spent the past year rebuilding her life after being stalked by her crazy ex-husband. She figures she should be able to handle anything after that.

Kat didn’t count on losing her heart to the mountains and vistas of Wyoming, or to her sinfully handsome tour guide. When she learns the feeling is mutual, she begins to think that a happy, loving relationship might be possible for her after all. Then she gets a cryptic message from her ex. He’s tracked her down again, and this time there’s a lot more at stake than her own safety. Kat isn’t about to put Austin’s life at risk. She has no way of knowing that he’s more than capable of taking care of both himself and the woman he wants for his own.

16 July
Vicki Crum

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