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Maybe it's not too late for her happily ever after…

Carla's always been a romantic. As the owner of the only flower shop in town, she believes in true love and can, of course, quote every line in The Princess Bride.

Which wouldn't be quite so pathetic if she wasn't thirty-seven and still single. So single, in fact, she's forgotten what it's like to have a man give her a single carnation, let alone a dozen roses.

Then Christian walks into Happy Petals, and she knows the fragrance of flowers has to have gone straight to her head. It's inconceivable that the cute Spanish guy she remembers from high school would be interested in her…

She's the girl of his dreams, and way out of his league…

Family is important to Christian. Why else would he be living in a company trailer? It's a sacrifice he has to make so he can afford to send his sister to college. But nearing forty, his own chances of starting a family aren't lookin' too hot, especially considering he hasn't been out on a date in years.

So it makes no sense at all he can't get Carla out of his head. Not only is she gorgeous, she's college-educated and way too good for a barely educated guy like him.

Only, she does seem interested.

Maybe, if he hides the truth about just how out of her league he is, he might have a chance…

Bloom of Love is the tenth novel in the Long Valley Romance series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. It has some strong language, and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!

1 April
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Mereadsmethinks ,

Bloom of Love

This story covered the love affair between Carla, the florist and Christian a ranch foreman. It seemed at first that both had difficulty in forming relationships. Considering they 37 and 38 and came from large families I was surprised at their lack of confidence.
There were aspects of this book I really liked and some I was not so keen on hence the loss of two stars.
It was good to catch up with the characters of previous books and see where they were in their lives and how they all interacted with each other. I liked that some topical issues raised were a natural part of life .i.e being allergic to cats, having long standing debt etc.
What I was not so keen on was the implication that Carla had not had a boyfriend since college because she was fat. I also felt the ending was sudden.

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