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Communicating is arguably the most important skill in life. Making a presentation is one of the most powerful ways of engaging with other human beings, yet often challenging and frequently nerve wracking. Too many over rely on Powerpoint to get their message across, and utterly fail to engage or connect with their audience. 

This book shows you how to fulfil the 3 duties of any presenter - to be interesting and engaging, to get your message across and to be authentic. It also gives you a rock solid structure for almost any talk - and a way of cutting your preparation time by up to 90%. In a recent survey from the USA, 720 out of 1200 Chief Executives reckoned their ability to present well was the Number 1 reason for their success. Michael Trigg has spent over 20 years researching some of the best, most powerful, most useful and pragmatic presentation techniques on the planet. This book is a distillation of what he found. 

These techniques work time and again and in almost any context. Whether you are an experienced presenter giving a keynote speech to your company, or talking to 600 tribesmen in Africa or pitching to a client - these ideas work. They could be the difference that makes the difference. Your message needs to stand out from the crowd - so learn how to blow your own horn with charisma, eloquence and power.

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November 22

Customer Reviews

Hannabannanana ,


This book is incredibly useful with amazing tips and case studies. I also love the imagery and layout of the book which is captivating and appeals to all generations and business types! A definite recommended read.

Helen Christopher ,

Marketing Manager

This is a fantastic book with lots of useful tips and practical advice to apply when presenting. Having seen the author in action, Michael is one of the most memorable presenters I have met (for all the right reasons) and there have been a lot. It's good of him to share his techniques. My only regret is I wish I had bought this book years ago!

Pharwhar ,

Practical advice that works...delivered in a friendly and accessible way!

The three key things I loved about this book were the fact it is practical in nature and gives you loads of tips, the friendly and accessible way it was written and the obvious passion Michael has for helping improve the presentation skills of people.

It is a really easy read with no excess. BUT, what I learnt is that, if you actually do what he says, it is really easy and it more importantly works. The focus is on the practical things that you can do to polish your presentation. I have read a few different books on presentation skills but a lot of what Michael said was new. It doesn’t cover things like getting over nerves etc but simply, how you prepare, how you make impact and how you can get away from a reliance on slides and hold attention.

If that is what you are after then hand on heart, let Michael guide you so you can blow your own horn!

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