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What is it that turns someone into a cold-blooded killer? It is more than evil, more than bad genes, more than horrible childhoods. In this volume the stories reveal the complexity of abnormal human behaviour. In some cases the reason appears to be psychosis or demonic voices, for others, overpowering compulsions with deep psychological roots and for some killing is better than sex and the only way they can achieve total gratification. Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Chase, Andrei Chikatilo and many more.


Part One : Children who Kill – what makes them kill? including Mary and Norma Bell, Jessie Holtmeyer, Larry Schwartz

Part Two : Men who Kill – these men are monsters including The Yorkshire Ripper, The Cannibal Killer,The Boston Strangler, The Ultimate Psycho, The Real Dracula.

Part Three : Women who Kill – can women be a cold-blooded as men? including Elizabeth Bathory, Lizzie Borden, Velma Barfield, Mary Ann Cotton, Florida's Black Widow.

Part Four : Couples who Kill – torturous teams including Fred and Rosemary West

December 22
Canary Press

Customer Reviews

hailes_uk ,

Great for a quid!

I understand what the other reviewers are saying but for the price its a good effort. It is an easy read and gives shocking facts about serial killers around the world. Worth a look.

Slogger Harris ,

Not that bad..

Ok, its a quid and you can tell. Written with all the emotional content of someone describing how to boil an egg, and some questionable 'facts' inserted at random it seems. But there is plenty here and provides an easy shallow read.. Perfect bus stop fodder. Great reference guide for my future adventures as well :/

Crashto.net ,

Poorly written

As other reviewers have said, this is very poorly written. Even though it is only 99p, there is a real lack of anything remotely insightful (I particularly like the page dedicated to why young people drink alcohol and take drugs, which purely recycles patronising cliches about wanting rebel against their parents and fit in with their friends, as if we might never have considered those explanations before) I've learnt more from 'When Pets Go BAD' on dodgy Sky channels.

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