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***Due to strong language, violence, and sexual situations, this series is not intended for readers under the age of 18***

If love was a fairytale…
The sun is already high in the sky, and I relish the warmth on my skin. When I see Darius, I feel even hotter. He’s still dripping wet, standing there in front of me with a huge smile on his face. His black swimming trunks hang low on his hips, showing off his flat stomach and his perfectly defined muscles. As ever, it has only taken him a few days to get a golden tan, and he looks like a Greek statue. The droplets of saltwater on his skin add to the illusion, shimmering in the sun. He walks towards me.
“How are you, my love?”
My love...
The words never fail to make me melt.
The bond between Darius, businessman and billionaire, and Juliette is growing stronger by the day. However, life seems determined to get in the way… The pretty journalist is ready to fight for her lover, guiding him through the maze of his past… the truth must come out! But Darius must face terrifying mysteries: what is the truth about his father? What was he hiding, and above all, why? Before they can build a future together, Juliette has to find the answers to these questions, however painful they might be...

This book contains the third installment of the collection The Billionaire's Power.

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July 11
Addictive Publishing

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