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Wanting to find their soul mates, three friends set out on a journey. Bozley, Loretta, and Mitzy pack their bags, get in the car, and head out on the highway. Not knowing where they are headed or where they will end up, they turn on some music and just drive. Meeting new friends along the way, the three friends embrace what comes their way. They have wild days and nights filled with liquor, a few drugs, and some hot one-night stands. Along the way, they meet some people that just don’t rub them the right way and need to be dealt with. They always make sure that they stick together and have each other’s backs. Grand theft auto comes in to play a couple of times, but what else do you do when your vehicle breaks down and you are on a very important journey? The friends change the lives of others they meet without realizing it. They make some lifelong friends that travel with them for a little while. They end up doing some things that thy have never done before, including making a porn, smoking in the woods with hippies, and seducing a janitor to get keys to a short school bus. They encounter interesting creatures such as a pot-smoking squirrel, a lizard that just wants to chill, dancing monkeys, and even a mermaid. Reuniting and rescuing people comes along on their journey as well. Making memories they will never forget, Bozley, Loretta, and Mitzy enjoy every minute of it. They even manage to get some tickets for a cruise. Their journey is one that no one will ever forget or believe was possible. The friends make sure to make the best of everything along the way no matter what it may be. They may just find their soul mates after all.

Fiction & Literature
May 17
Page Publishing, Inc.

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