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Breaking Walls (Breaking #2)

It’s not about the rules anymore. It’s about the sacrifice.

She’s already given up too much to lose faith now.

Gabe has walked away, and Mandy’s fate with the Raddick Initiative is hanging in the balance. Media attention has the whole town talking. Friends are making wild assumptions, and one of her own teammates has turned on her.

She doesn’t know where she stands anymore—not with her father, her sister, her district team, or the man she’s fallen in love with.

Her dad is a habitual liar, her sister is keeping secrets, and Gabe won’t even look in her direction. She wants answers. She wants to break down their walls. She’s convinced the world is out to get her, but one, hard look in the mirror could’ve saved her from learning the truth the hard way: it’s her walls that are causing most of the damage.

Young Adult
May 27
Tracie Puckett

Customer Reviews

KateBell13 ,

Great, just simply amazing!

I read this so fast, like within 2 days of buying it and it's amazing, as is the first book in the series, I'm just about to pre-order the third book now, can't wait!

Mick andrew ,

Amazing! 💕

Is it weird to say that I read this book in two and a half days? As a 15 year old bookworm, even two and a half days is a lot faster than I usually read a book, no matter how much I'm into it. To call this series of books amazing is an understatement. They're not cliché in the slightest and every single part of this book is intriguing and has you wanting to read more. The only problem is that I've finished this book too quickly for my liking and I'm now unbelievably impatient for the third book to come out in August! The wait is going to kill me! And the one thing I want most from the third book is I just want Gabe and Mandy to kiss already! It's frustrating because it's so obvious how in love they are with each other! I'm getting seriously attached to this series and like I said I can't wait for the next book! The author is really an amazingly talented writer! 💕

bbbeffaz ,


Loving this series so far!

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