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Mandy soon confronts her true fate, to be held down while Justin shares her fertile young body with the rest of the members of his pack. Incredibly, she feels a growing attraction toward Justin while she's being passed around and used by his friends - why does she love being dominated by him? Things get complicated when Brad's gorgeous body and mysterious personality excite her even more.Read on for a small taste of what's inside:Marcus’ hands slid down Mandy’s neck and came to rest on her breasts. He groped at each one, squeezing the soft flesh between his fingers making Mandy moan. He released her mouth, and then pressed his rough, eager mouth to her breasts. One hand played and tugged at her nipple, while his mouth sucked and gently bit her other nipple. Mandy could hardly take the nipple teasing, not to mention Justin’s hands which were now grazing up her shorts, probing towards her groin.Suddenly, Mandy felt more hands on her and she looked around wildly to see two more men now groping at her flesh, running their hands along the exposed part of her stomach and back.“Take off her shorts,” one spoke to Justin. In one fast tug Mandy felt her shorts fly down her legs and she gasped. Her ass was exposed minus the small piece of floss which held her thong together. One of the men instinctively reached for her ass, grabbing the flesh tightly. Mandy winced.“Do you like to be spanked?” someone asked, and Mandy’s head flew to the side, noticing a fifth man.“Yes, spank her,” one of the men said hoarsely. Mandy moaned as Marcus continued to work on her nipples, while Justin and the three other men stepped back to marvel at her ass. Justin began rubbing his hands along her back and Mandy glanced towards him to see that he was also stroking his cock, which was impressively hard. Mandy wanted to wrap her mouth around Justin, but before she could one of the men slapped her ass.“Argh!” Mandy cried, pushing her body against Marcus to absorb the pain. “Again!” one of the men cried, and the same man spanked Mandy again, this time slapping her other cheek. Mandy cried out once more, her legs trembling from the simultaneous pain and pleasure of the spanking.“Move her to the bed,” a voice said.

Fiction & Literature
July 25
Bree Bellucci

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