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This book is an erotic fantasy intended for adults only.

Heather is the kind of mousy girl who really hasn't made an impression during her first two years of college. But then her older sister, Danielle, convinces Heather to get a job with Michael Aren as his research assistant. Officially, Heather’s job is to conduct basic research and double check his results, but she’s really there to steal his closest secrets. Danielle and Michael have been competing for years, so now Heather is just another weapon in the private war between these researchers.

There's just one problem.

Michael knows all about Heather. So when she sneaks into his laboratory one late night, he finds her there, and he asks her if she would like to be a part of his research. He has a new device, and he needs a test subject. Since she doesn't know what it will actually do to her, Heather declines. Unfortunately for her, he’s already made the decision for her, so he places that small microchip on the back of her neck, and her transformation begins.

Michael's device is simple. It hacks into her nervous system, rewiring Heather's most basic instincts. Before, she wanted to go to college, to get a good job and earn the respect of her colleagues. Now, she would rather be on her knees or spreading her legs for this man. She addresses him as “Sir,” she strips for him, and she obeys every command. When he finishes playing with her, Michael can just type in a few commands on his computer to delete whichever memories he doesn't want her to possess.

Over the next couple of days, Michael gives her a new sense of fashion. Heather stops thinking about her classes and homework. Fashion is so much more fun, especially as her breasts start to grow. A little bit at a time, she is transformed into an airheaded, ditzy bimbo. Best of all, Michael has a special surprise waiting for his bimbo slave.

Michael is going to milk her.

Bring the Bimbo is a 22,000 word fantasy about one young man who catches a spy and punishes her with bimbofication. All characters are consenting adults.

Fiction & Literature
November 4

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