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The British Wildlife Photography Awards were devised by British Wildlife Photographer Chris Weston and Curator of Photography Maggie Gowan. The first awards were held in 2009 to widespread acclaim, with support from esteemed organisations including Natural England, WWF and Outdoor Photography magazine. The winning and commended images were unveiled at Hooper's Gallery in London, with the exhibition subsequently touring Britain. For the 2010 competition, the very best images are being brought together in a fabulous book for the first time. Britain has some of the most beautiful and unique wildlife in the world, and the sensational photographs from this prestigious competition capture and celebrate its wonderful variety. Showcasing the work of both amateur and professional photographers, this unique book highlights the great wealth of our island's natural history. 

Arts & Entertainment
September 30
AA Media Ltd

Customer Reviews

Sir Quacksalot ,

Not the best implementation

One of the greatest drawbacks to photography books is the occasional need to spread an image over two pages. Not only do you lose detail, but the composition is marred. So why, when freed from this constraint, have iBooks decided to replicate the effect in this ebook? Baffling.

Looking at the sample, I can't help feeling that photography ebooks need a much more sympathetic rendering if they are going to match up to their physical counterparts.

mhuggies ,

Good on my iPhone, would be even better on ipad

Can easily view both pages on my iPhone, just by pinching out! The other reviewers criticism of the choice to imitate a real book by slightly shading the spine will not be to everyone's taste, but I quite liked it. Maybe it could be included as an optional setting?

Loopy65 ,

Page sizing is awful!!

The book itself is filled with gorgeous wildlife and I was really looking toward to using my iPad to give the glossy images their just approval. However, I was horrified on seeing page layout - it is hideous and for ever page you have to slide across to see it all. I thought maybe switching to landscape would help but unfortunately not.
Definitely advise downloading the sample before purchasing!

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