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The Brockville Risk Checklist 4 is a unique, easy-to-use tool that can be adapted to any inpatient or outpatient mental health setting. This one-page instrument is the result of over a decade of use, development and empirical research. This clear and concise manual was informed by extensive research by the authors through coordination with clinical treatment teams who have been using the tool to manage and track risk in regular treatment meetings for clients in a forensic mental health setting.

As the tool's name suggests, it originates from a forensic psychiatric facility in Brockville, Ontario, Canada. The Brockville Mental Health Centre, a campus of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, is a secure facility treating individuals with severe mental illnesses who have been detained in the facility and in the process of gradual community reintegration. The facility employs clinicians who are renowned globally for their work with mentally disordered individuals in the forensic system, many of whom have contributed to or given feedback on the BRC4, including the authors. Included in this manual is an Internet link to a free PDF copy of the BRC4 tool, which may be printed for use. The authors of this tool hope this manual is both informative and useful in your research and/or clinical practice and helps contribute to safety and risk management in your treatment setting.

All proceeds from this publication will be donated back to the Integrated Forensic Program of the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group.

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