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The monsters from the past destroy the future…
A monster from the past reemerges in the present breaking the life to three young students and engaging in a fight against time with the good and promising Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, in charge of solving the difficult case. The suffering of who as a child doesn’t know about love but suffers only abuses can turn into the worst nightmare when it triggers that dangerous stress factor causing anger pushing a person to cross the hellish threshold of no return. Thanks to the precious help of the coroner July Pence, the detective Sonny D'Amato digs in the past in search of the logical thread that will allow him to solve the intricate enigma. He will most likely get the promotion that he feels deserving, but without being able to rejoice. In fact, his soul will be hostage to the pain that extends plentifully from this sad and infamous inquiry that will make him lose sight of the difference between the victim and the executioner. Because, as Alexander Solgenitsin wrote, "the line separating good from evil crosses the heart of everyone".
Is set in London Broken lives, the new thriller of Cesario Picca who sees once again the reporter from Salento Rosario Saru Santacroce looking for news to inform the readers about these crimes which are worrying a city which is already strongly impressed by terrorist attacks.

Crime & Thrillers
May 17
Cesario Picca

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