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By October of 1967, all of the members of the band Those Born Free were dead or missing. They were gone, but not forgotten. In their wake, a cadre of diverse characters seek answers, and in doing so, find their existences irrevocably altered. Uncovering a treasure trove of old band tapes, each finds that the words and music of the lost speak to them—forever changing the paths of their lives. 

Brotherhood of Forever is an epic tale that relives the last fifty years of America through the eyes of a group of friends whose journey takes them from the streets of New York to the jungles of Vietnam, and from the fields of Woodstock to the pinnacle of rock and roll. 

Praise for the Band in the Wind Trilogy

"A trilogy that is as staggering as it is entertaining." - James J. Spina (contributor to Rolling Stone, Hit Parader, Creem, and Mojo)

Band in the Wind

"This book is an almost perfect blend of music, nostalgia, a coming-of-age story...and tragedy! It really does have a bit of everything. Highly entertaining." - Online Book Review (4/4 stars) 

"Rostron manages to capture the mood of this tumultuous time—a feat that takes

skill, a great memory, and the ability to put emotion into words." - Writers Digest Awards

"This tale told by Rostron succeeds...massively. It is a story told with dollops of nitty and gritty, but also some blasts and burns that will thrill you as powerfully as a power chord—a giant power chord, amped up with the emotions of friendship, cruelty, hate, revenge, and love." -  James J. Spina

"This book is a must-read for book-lovers hoping to experience the lost, yet somehow lingering, days of 1960s American culture." Michael L. Burduck, - Professor of English - Tennessee Tech University

"This book just gets it right. The author knows his music and knows how to use it to set the tone."  - DSPIN - formerly of MTV

Sound of Redemption

Sound of Redemption hits all the right notes, ringing true to the feel of Band in the Wind. Rostron's quirky sense of humor, reflected in the dialogue between characters, lightened the mood of an otherwise serious story. His writing remains addictive, with great emotional engagement for the reader. This novel is a tense, moving, character-driven story exploring one man's mission to atone for the wrongs of his past." –Online Book Club  (4/4 stars)

Brotherhood of Forever

"While you are in for a treat with Band in the Wind and Sound of Redemption, it is Brotherhood of Forever that wins the prize. Rostron is the master when it comes to portraying the tone and temper of a generational trek." – James J. Spina

"Rostron's Brotherhood of Forever, the third book of the Band in the Wind trilogy, masterfully rounds out his characters' lives in poignant, convincing, inspiring, and triumphant fashion."  Michael L. Burduck , Tennessee Tech University

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July 27
William John Rostron

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