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Why is it, that when it comes to getting offered opportunities, it's always the same dentists who get there first? There has never been a better time to be in dentistry. But what does the future hold?
Learn how to:
1. Be one step ahead of your clients
2. Offer what patients want
3. Shrug off that white coat of the past and embrace the new you
4. Avoid failures- learn from James mistakes and from mistakes of other dentists
5. Increase your profile and the value of your brand by being invited to speak
6. Create your niche and separate you and your profitability from the competition
Find out:
1. What are the only performance indicators you need to watch
2. What are your teams strongest two motivators 3. What patients you actually need to see
4. Do dentists really have the highest suicide rate?
5. Why people really hate the dentist
James shares with you his blueprint to create both a successful life and dental practice. Are you ready to succeed? The choice is yours. It always has been. The author's profits from this book will go to DENTAID to help build a clinic in Cambodia. Note:our retailers cannot honor this commitment.

Professional & Technical
March 29
James Goolnik

Customer Reviews

Dave the dentist ,


This is an excellent book for anyone who would like to take their dental practice to the next level with tips and honest failures by the author. You wont want to put it down as it is highly entertaining and informative. I read the whole book in a day!
Buy it! Buy it! Dont borrow it from anyone as it will make an excellent reference book for the future as the knowledge shared by James is timeless and can really be applied to any business. All proceeds go to charity. Cant wait for the sequel :)