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Buddhism is a rich and profound understanding of the universe which is often taught incorrectly and misinterpreted, especially in the Western world when we try to fit it around our modern lives without understanding the important context and background of key Buddhist teachings. This book, therefore, aims to give context to all those teachings by providing an historical overview of the origins and spread of Buddhism, clear and detailed descriptions of the core ethics and beliefs of Buddhists, an insight into Buddhist custom and tradition, advice on how to meditate in the Buddhist fashion, information about some of the most important Buddhist figures and advice on how to achieve enlightenment in the modern world. The key to enlightenment is held within the fundamentals of Buddhist teachings and in following them correctly. This book is an essential guide on to how to do this and how not to make the mistake of missing out on vital principles of Buddhism that are crucial in reaching nirvana.
This book is a comprehensive overview of the core principles and beliefs of Buddhism and covers the following topics:

The History of Buddhism
Branches of Buddhism
The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path
Karma and Samsara
The Wheel of Life and the Universal Realms
Customs and Traditions
Buddhist Meditation
Iconic Buddhist Figures
Modern Buddhism
This book covers everything that a beginner in Buddhism needs to know and is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to know more about this interesting and insightful way of life.

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February 22
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Customer Reviews

Blairsz ,

Easy to read!

Very concise and easy to read, concepts explained really well without the daunting length. Ideal for newcomers to Buddhism.