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It was once said that your home is your castle. Though this may not be the case anymore it is still the place that many will choose to batten down the hatches when things go wrong. This can be a double edged sword as either being your best or worst solution. Defending your home may be no easy task, if you have a home to return to in many cases. 

Shelter is one of the three most important survival needs, without it we would be vulnerable to the elements, human predators, natural disasters and animals. We often take our homes for granted, they are our sanctuary in many ways and we always expect them to be there when we return. It's often the idea of the home being a sacred fortress that leads people to get killed because they don't realize how vulnerable their home is or plan what to do if it was gone. 

When you don't have a home to return to you'll need to have the skills to build something to keep you and your family safe. Simple shelters might help keep the rain off your head but will be useless against thieves and animals. Anyone with camping experience can tell you that the average tent isn't built to withstand much. 
Your home is your safe place in so many ways, but when SHTF how safe is it really? The average house isn't very safe and simply assuming your locked door will keep everyone else is extremely naïve.  Let's look at different ways of making it safer and what happens if you can't go home again. 

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

- Your homes Weakest Points

- Home Advantage

- Firearms for home safety

- If you can't go home

- Extreme weatherproofing your home

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October 10
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