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First a**l sex has never been so exciting. From sweet to blisteringly rough, this collection explores the fantasy from a number of angles but you can be sure it focuses on one direction…from the rear! It’s all just a click away.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various first a**l sex encounters and includes rough first a**l sex, public first a**l sex, rough sex, and more. It is intended for mature adults who won’t be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

1. BENT OVER BY THE COWBOY GUARD (The Young College Student’s Backdoor Surprise) A First A**l Sex Erotica Story by Jane Kemp

It was my turn to distract the guard so my dorm mates could stay out past curfew. I was just supposed to flirt, but the flirting wasn’t working so I decided to let the guard with the big hat and the cowboy boots know he could have a hell of a lot more from me than just flirty conversation. He was happy about that. In fact, he took more than I ever expected when we got to his office and he bent me over and gave me my first a**l sex! It was a backdoor experience I thought I’d never, ever have.

2. IN THE SHOWER WITH ALEX IN MY ASS (My Very Rough Backdoor Experience) A Rough First A**l Sex Erotica Story by Veronica Halstead

I’d been trying to get Alex to notice me all day at the pool but I had no luck at all. At least…I thought I had no luck. I was just taking my shower like normal when I suddenly felt his hands on me. What a shower! It was so rough I thought I’d pass out and I had my very first a**l sex. It hurt like hell. In fact, everything kind of hurt like hell.

Until it didn’t.

And when it didn’t it was the most incredible sex I’d ever had in my life!

3. THE A**L SEX MASSAGE (The Cougar’s Backdoor Experience) A First A**l Sex Erotica Story by Nancy Brockton

When a new massage therapist showed up for my regular appointment, I was stunned. He was so damned young and so damned sexy. I felt like a foolish old woman. After all, how could a young stud when me, a divorced woman in her thirties? Herbie proved me wrong, though. He gave me the best massage of my life, and he took it a hell of a lot further, too! Who would have thought I’d not only be having sex with a younger man but I’d have my first a**l sex experience as well?

4. MY FIRST A**L SEX (Rough Backdoor Sex with a Stranger) An Erotica Story by Debbie Brownstone

It was the latest in a string of one night stands for me, and I didn’t expect it to be any different from the others. I didn’t even know his name and it didn’t matter. I wouldn’t enjoy it but was driven by the desperate need to feel the emptiness in my heart. How could I have known that the man would bring me to heights of pleasure I’d never known and then to terrible pain and then back to pleasure again? It was a first a**l experience I’ll never forget.

5. DENNIS WANTS ME! (The Curvy Girl’s Unexpected Backdoor Experience) A First A**l Sex Erotica Story by DP Backhaus

I was never the type to get the handsome and powerful guys. I had some meat on my bones, a lot more than I wanted. Dennis, though, appeared to like what he saw. In fact, he made it very, very clear he liked what he saw, what he felt, and what he took! He was astounding and sweet but also passionate and rough; and when he bent me over and headed for my first a**l sex experience and it was staggering!

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October 5
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