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Trixie had a problem.

Furred, feathered, and scaled.

Fine, she had more than one problem.

At one point in her life, she’d feared her special variety of magic had cursed her to become a demon hunter. Nope. Instead, she was the anti-demon hunter. She was a creature whisperer, and it was messing with her life.

Critters inhabited every aspect of her world, and they didn’t leave easily. They asked for help. Needed to be saved. Lingered, looking for friendship.

She'd stopped dating, quit her full-time job, and lost most of her friends. That’s what happened when she constantly had to explain away…

•being stalked by squirrel-like fuzzy fairies who liked to pull pranks,

•being followed by hordes of minidevils on walks in the neighborhood (camouflaged as cats, but they weren’t fooling this witch), and

•being harassed by a messy scourge of dragons roosting in her backyard.

But maybe Boise would be different.

Maybe Trixie would leave Austin and all her magical critter problems behind.

Then again, maybe not.

Crime & Thrillers
15 October
Cate Lawley

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