Caroline's Curves (What the Billionaire Wants Part 1‪)‬

Curvy BBW Erotic Romance

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Publisher Description

Caroline McLeod, a graphic designer for Baker Enterprises, is pretty shy and doesn't mind the fact that her curvy body is overlooked in New York City among all of the model thin women. But when she gets flustered at a board meeting and makes a silly mistake, Jason Baker, notorious for being tough, decides to teach her a lesson. Will Caroline take the punishment?

Warning: this 3000 word story contains some sexy nipple pinching, the hottest fingering scene you'll ever read and a fantastic orgasm!

~~ The following excerpt is for 18+ readers ONLY!! ~~

Jason Baker stood up and went over to the window. “You know, I believe you. At the same time, I pride myself on making sure this company is staffed by only the best people.”

Oh shit, he’s going to fire me. This is it. I’m done. I’m going to lose the best job I’ve ever had. 

Mr. Baker continued, “You’ve made a major mistake here today, and I want you to remember it in the future. Stand up.”

Caroline did as he asked, feeling a bit woozy as she did so. She was going to be fired, she was sure of it.

“Now lean over, hands on the desk” he ordered. 

What? That’s a bit weird, why does he want me to do that? Caroline asked herself. Still, she did as he asked. There was something about him. He was so powerful, so commanding. His words made Caroline feel a bit of moisture in her panties. She couldn’t help it, the man turned her on tremendously. She wanted nothing more than to have him fuck her right here on the boardroom table. She knew it would never happen, but her body wanted it to, desperately. 

Mister Baker moved in behind Caroline. She stopped breathing, she didn’t dare move. She tingled with anticipation as she had no idea what was going to happen. Caroline didn’t even notice she was gripping the edge of the table to hard her hands were turning white. Suddenly she felt Jason Baker’s hands on her legs. He started down at her calves and moved his hands up. She stopped breathing when he reached the hem of her skirt and slid his hands up inside it. Caroline could feel her face going red, she could feel it burning, but it was far from the only part of her that was on fire.

Fiction & Literature
16 January
Sensations Publishing

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