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There are more to "bad days" than you may realize. And yet, here's how to avoid them altogether:

Have you ever felt "off," not being able to put your finger on exactly what was affecting your mood?

Are you stuck in a pattern of negative thoughts that keep you from moving forward and progressing in life the way you dream of?

Are you dealing with medical ailments that have randomly appeared despite living a seemingly healthy lifestyle?

Our bodies function on energy--in essence, our bodies are energy.

Because of this, we as humans are very sensitive to the things that happen around us, and everyday things, such as technology, our thoughts, and our routine, influence how we feel.

There are points within the body where this energy is concentrated, and these are known as chakras. Each point is associated with a specific location in the body, contributing to various symptoms you may feel, both physically and mentally.

By diving into the history behind chakras and enriching your mind with knowledge on the human body's extraordinary capabilities, you will be able to live a life based on the groundwork of balance and begin to experience the true meaning of connecting mind and body.

In Chakras for Beginners, you will discover:
What chakras are, as well as why it's vital for you to pay attention to them if you want to live a balanced, harmonious lifeThe 7 core chakras responsible for bridging the connection between thoughts and emotions, and how to recognize the symptoms of an unbalanced chakraEveryday things you can do to open up your chakras for an effortless way of stabilizing your emotions, thoughts, and overall sense of wellbeingA straightforward questionnaire to help you discover which of your chakras are out of alignment and need healing6 ways to balance and heal your chakras, even if you're completely new to the idea of energy healingHow you can further support the healing process by incorporating these useful additions into your meditation sessionsBonus: A guided meditation script to use for the healing of all 7 chakras
And much more.

Considering the fact that our focus on the chakra system has been around since between 1500 and 500 BC, there clearly must be more to the practice of energy healing than what meets the newcomer's eye.

Meditating doesn't mean you have to be religious, and in the end, what matters most is what you believe as an individual.

Balance is an essential part of life. Help yourself get to a point of peace and serenity, simply by listening to what your body is trying to tell you.

Sure enough, you'll find that it's been telling you more than you'd thought...

If you want to discover the energy hidden inside you and live a life based on positivity and balance, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

Health & Well-Being
August 17
Kara Lawrence

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