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Four sexy stories of gender transformation and body changes. A man wakes up cuffed down with a naked man looming over him, and discovers to his horror that he's become a woman; A man wakes up inside his wife's body, and discovers that her afternoon fling is knocking on the door, expecting a little love; For his birthday, a man finds himself lashed down and transformed into a woman as two young men offer themselves up for his delight; and a womanizing young man retreats to a cabin with his wife, only to find himself changed into a woman with a scary decision before him - sleep with a man, or stay a woman forever.

Changes and Transformations Bundle is a intended for mature audiences, and contains scenes of gender change, oral sex, dual penetration, m/m/f threesome, reluctant sex, tied up sex, and gender swap sex. It is 18,000+ words in length.

An excerpt of this story:

My heart began to pound. I couldn't remember how I'd gotten here. I'd been having dinner with Kyra, and then... blackness. I tried to move, but my body refused to shift as pain once again burned at my arms and legs.

"It's no use," my girlfriend said from somewhere behind me. I froze, the panic clawing at my mind easing slightly. If Kyra was here, well, things couldn't be all that bad at least. I tried to crane my head, but found I could barely twist it. I could just make out my hand in the peripheral of my vision. I frowned. Something was wrong. I mean, yeah, I could see that my wrist was lashed down to something, but my fingers seemed off, barely seen out of the corner of my eye. I'm not sure why, but that sent my heart into an icy spiral right down into my stomach. Something was dreadfully off.

Kyra stepped around, lit by the gentle glow of candles from the side. By eyes bulged. She wore a pleated skirt that drifted just above her knees, a brilliant white shirt buttoned across her small breasts. She smiled at me, a gentle shake of her head setting her twin pigtails dancing. My girlfriend slid away from me, to something taller than her, covered by a sheet.

"Happy birthday, David," she said. Her coy smile widened. "You said you wanted different."
Her hand flicked out and tore the sheet down, revealing a tall free-standing mirror. My breath caught, and my mind fled. My eyes saw my reflection, but didn't register what they saw.

A beautiful woman stared back at me, lashed down to an X-shaped wooden form in the center of our basement. She was naked, the curves of her luscious body lit by the warm glow of the candles set about the room, revealing every tantalizing and delicious detail. Thick ropes bound her wrists and ankles to the form, with a cloth gag tied stuffed into her mouth and tied behind her head.

I blinked in shock. The woman blinked back.

Oh, crap, I thought.

Fiction & Literature
June 30
Kaitlin Black

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