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This is a short story just long enough to satisfy, and plenty hot enough to bring you to the finish line. It features a taboo relationship between a stepfather and his sexy young stepdaughter. All characters are over eighteen and extremely horny. For more stories like this one, check out Piper Harden Long's Feels So Right Bundle: Ten Sinful Stories for the price of one!

...By early evening I'm back in my trailer, picking out which panties to wear: right on time. I choose a skimpy red and lacey pair, take off all my clothes and then slip them on. I adjust myself in the mirror, and looking at my reflection I start to get a little turned on. After laying out in the sun my curves have a little more definition and my ass looks amazing in the tiny panties. I imagine the look on Daddy's face when he sees me in them and start to touch myself. I rub my c**t until my pussy is nice and sticky wet. I want to be ready for him.
Then I go to the freezer, take out the ice cream, and sit down at the table. I slowly eat a few spoonfuls as I wait. I think I only sat there about five minutes before I heard Daddy's heavy footsteps outside but it was the longest five minutes of my life. It seemed like time moved slower than molasses in February.
As he finally comes through the door I can hear my pulse pounding in my ears. He's a little sweaty and a little dirty from the garage. I can't wait to tear off his clothes.
"Hey, baby, I'm h…." He says as he catches sight of me.
I just sit there and smile at him. The door slams loudly shut behind him. He just stands there and stares at me, mouth slightly agape. I slowly lick a scoop of ice cream off the spoon.
"Hi Daddy." I say, in a perfectly innocent tone.
"Olivia, what are you doing?" He says, finally finding his voice.
"Eating ice cream. I know it'll spoil my appetite for dinner but it was just so dang hot today."
"No, I meant… baby, we talked about this last night. This can't happen."
But it's already happened. He just doesn't know it yet. I put down my spoon, get up and walk over to him. His eyes hungrily travel over my body.
"Take it, Daddy. Take me. I want you to."

Fiction & Literature
March 11
Piper Harden Long

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