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GEnie Romance and Women's Fiction Exchange: Chrissy's Wish is Trana Mae Simmons' enchanting story of a little girl's wish and prayer, invoking wonderful memories of childhood beliefs and dreams. Ms. Simmons' Christmas story reminds the reader that Christmas is a time for miracles and of Angels. Five year old Chrissy Butler wasn't praying for something for herself. She only wanted her Aunt Polly to be happy again and not to cry anymore. And her prayer of "Can't you please send somebody so Aunt Polly will be happy again? Amen" touches Heaven's ears so much that two angels, Josephine and Matthew, are sent to fulfill it.

Polly had raised her niece after the death of Chrissy's parents. She had worked to keep their ranch a home for Chrissy but times had gotten rough. She needed help. But was the help that arrived in the form of Sam Butler, Chrissy's uncle, the right kind of help? Sam Butler had been in love with his brother's wife, Christine, before she married Sam's younger brother. He had not seen them since their marriage. When he receives a letter from her telling him of his brother's death, he rushes to see if he can help her. He didn't know the letter was five years old, and was part of the plan of the two angels to answer Chrissy's prayer.

As Ms. Simmons' story of Chrissy, her Aunt Polly and Sam Butler unfolds, the reader finds herself cheering on the efforts of Jo and Matt as they work to bring together three people in need of each other's love.

Trana Mae Simmons is the author of numerous romances, both historical and paranormal. Her Magical Love book, Spellbound, an upcoming ebook, garnered a Top Pick 4-1/2 stars award from Romantic Times magazine. Her romances are being reissued as ebooks. As T. M. Simmons, her paranormal mysteries and true ghost hunting diaries are also available as ebooks.

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November 15
TM Simmons

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