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The book has a short story for every reader. The young and the old, male, or female with themes such as mysteries of the unknown, heavenly encounters, and much more. All memoirs are in chronological order.

Stories Examples:

Memoir #1 My first Encounter of heaven, I was a child in elementary school. I was allegorically martyred like Christ Jesus.

Memoir #4 I used mental telepathy and discovered where Superman really got his powers, God.

Memoir #13 I was in an automobile accident died and saw heaven.

Memoir #25 I saw the last day when Christ Jesus returned to the earth and defeated Satan.

Memoir #33 I experienced hell's torment on earth.

Memoir #38 I saw Hurricane Katrina, in a dream, many years in advance before it occurred.

Memoir #39 I saw the events the of September 11, many years before it occurred.

I was possessed by demons, God healed me; an angel visited me. I saw the apparition of the Virgen Mary. Read scriptures; stories of faith and lessons learned.


Read how and why God manifests unto humankind. The various ways He appears, mostly through the Holy Spirit. I have encountered Him in dreams, in visions, and in prophecies. I believe God is the source behind all the unknown. Numbered stories, over 50, on paranormal, ghosts, haunted places, and more. Also, I have heard angel's voices; I have experienced mental telepathy. I walked in the spirit, just to name a few adventures.  A memoir type book with short stories with valuable lessons.  Read of rare events, such as: out of body occurrence; telepathy; the Virgin Mary Sighting. I was Possessed by evil demons; and battled a spiritual warfare. Introducing the black orbs; and much more. After God appears there would be valuable lessons learned and an inauguration of unnatural power. For example, fear over death. Clearly after seeing God, my hope and faith is restored. Therefore, I would continue to be patient and wait on the distant promise, His imminent return and plans for my life. This book has something for everybody: the young and the old; male and female. The young because I had my first encounter at about eight years old, the old because I continue to have encounters. There are mysteries and spooky stories. Stay indoors and read a book, "The Holy Spirit is Christ Jesus Alive: Encounters of the Holy Spirit." By Sis. Sophia Lee. 

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