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“So Herod killed all those kids because he was trying to whack the baby Jesus?”

Not so long ago, eminent archaeologist, Professor Victor Tishus made a discovery that rocked the world of theology: a set of ancient scrolls, dating back to 31 AD that provided a first hand account of the life of Jesus Christ. In this definitely-true-no-doubt-about-it account, there was a lot more to Jesus than the conventional gospels would have us believe.

The Vic Tishus Scrolls exposed a truth that was too shocking to accept and the powers-that-be buried the story. Their discoverer was not just assassinated but his entire existence erased. Don't look him up, he's not there.

But now the truth can come to light. Writer and self-taught linguist A.W. Wilson, author of the comedy masterpiece, Accidental Hitman, got hold of the scrolls and painstakingly translated them into a language that could be understood by modern readers. To some, this book will change their outlook on the nature of life and faith, to others, it will just seem like A.W. Wilson has watched too many gangster movies.

If you only read one book this year then… what are you playing at? Read another one. Read Christ, Man!

Fiction & Literature
April 10
A.W. Wilson

Customer Reviews

Shizza01 ,

Great novel!

I loved this! I read Accidental Hitman by Wilson last year and was waiting for a new one to come out and now it has. A unique brand of crime and humour. Buy it!

Gazmaul ,

Hilarious and gripping

Accidental hitman was one if my favourite reads last year so I was really pleased to see a new release from AW Wilson. Original, clever and very funny, I can highly recommend this book and the others by this very talented author.

Readster 111 ,

Funny and a great story too

I was a big fan of Accidental Hitman so I was chuffed to see a new novel by A.W. Wilson. This is a departure from the last one in terms of story and setting but still keeps the same sense of humour as 'Hitman'. It's basically Jesus as a drug dealer, and the disciples as his 'crew'. It's a funny idea but there's more to it than that. Wilson has obviously researched the bible a great deal and it's not just a cheap shot at religion, it's actually very sympathetic to Jesus and quite thought provoking. Like Hitman, as the story gets going the humour takes second place to a gripping, thrilling and sometimes shocking plot. I would recommend it to anyone - including Christians, this is great fun and a great story. And as a little aside... I loved the fact that Jesus creates the word 'stoned', brillant!

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