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“I am a Lokoti Werewolf.”
-- “Oh, is that a name for an ice hockey team, or something?”

Career woman Jessica Tandy, has a rest stop in a tiny town called Alma, in the Alaska Range. Coming back from the ‘camping trip from hell’, with a cold and obnoxious boyfriend; she meets Flint Riverclaw, a Native Alaskan. The handsome stranger sees she’s unwell with her diabetes and insists on shouting her food and drink.

He offers to take her to Anchorage, since her boyfriend who’s driving, has been drinking beer. Jessica accepts and the two continue to become acquainted, during the journey. Flint’s strong build, handsome features and kindness wins her over, so much so, she invites him into her hotel room. Although there are moments where he growled, his teeth felt sharp or she could have sworn his eyes glowed turquoise; Jessica rates it as her best sexual experience.

The next morning, she tiptoes out when he’s still asleep, to catch her flight back to Seattle. However, she can’t get the man out of her mind as her body won’t stop shaking. She’s shocked three days later when out of the blue, Flint shows up at her apartment to tell her two things; he is a Lokoti Werewolf and she is his pregnant mate.

Fiction & Literature
11 April
K.R. Smith

Customer Reviews

Mr cool person 36 ,

Good storyline, unfortunately short.

There were so many points within this strong story in which I wish they're had been more detail: the meeting of her best friend and husband, her adapting to her new life, the brief analysis of her new life's routine, and more. To be honest I just wanted for this good book to be elongated and more detailed.

Maria 17778902546 ,


I enjoyed the different type of werewolf story, showing the differences in culture. That anything is possible, I would recommend reading 😀

kare-kuma ,

Wouldn't recommend

After seeing the large number of good reviews I downloaded this book and started to read it tonight, I was bitterly disappointed. I am open to reading novice written stories, but this just wasn't up to the standard the reviews led me to believe.

The main character is terrible and the writing is awful. Although I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen since the plot was intriguing, I just couldn't get passed the terrible writing.
It feels like its written by someone quite young. The caliber of language is very low, the descriptions are poor and the quality of the dialogue is unbearably bad.

The only good point is that the main character Flint, is written and framed well.
But sadly, I couldn't even finish this.

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