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These women can't get enough of the love that their men show them.

Breeding the Black Witch: A beautiful black witch must find her soul mate so that she can finally break the curse put on her. In order to be filled and bred, she's casting spells on any man that comes into her shop. These love spells are potent, and her "victims" are always seduced.

When Jack wanders into her store of magic, she knows he will be the first man she will try to seduce. He's handsome, and his body is muscular and masculine. A little bit of a love potion slipped into his drink has him wrapped around her finger in no time.

Will he be the one to impregnate her? Buy this story now to find out!

Brutal White Billionaire: Powerful, angry, white and rich, Lorens has had a rough day. When he comes into a club to take it out on someone, he finds the perfect date.

Moira has gone months without a good lay, and she's desperate for an orgasm. With very specific needs, she has to find the perfect man to help her. One who is brutal and sadistic, deep down inside.

When these two meet, what happens is a whirlwind love affair that expands the boundaries of hardcore BDSM, spanking, and rough sex. Couldn't you use a little pain now and then?

Busty Black Cougar: Imani is like so many black mothers -- controlling, demanding, and micromanaging. She may have more ground to stand on, though: she's the dean of admissions for Duke university, after all!

Her attitude changes, though, after taking some experimental anxiety medication. Suddenly, she's taking an interest in David's sports career, watching porn, and even slipping into bed with him!

Fiction & Literature
September 29
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