Close Encounters of the Old West Close Encounters of the Old West

Close Encounters of the Old West

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Publisher Description

Long before the X-Files, nearly 70 years before the Roswell incident, President James Garfield, mortally wounded by an assassin's bullet, summoned young Jonah "Tenkiller" Montana, an educated Cherokee half breed, to his seaside retreat to launch an investigation into unexplained and troublesome mysteries plaguing the post Civil War nation. Mysterious "airships" were being sighted, tales of alien encounters were hampering the spread of civilization westward, and fantastic Native American tales about shape shifters and creatures of lore and legend were causing concern for government leaders who feared America's Indian tribes harbored dark secrets and knowledge of alien races that threatened the Republic.

Underlying their concerns were rumors of a secret organization under alien influence with plans for a one world government and total domination of the human race. Montana is charged by the President with initiating a campaign to uncover the truth behind America's most puzzling and threatening mysteries, and to report directly to the nation's chief executive.

Join Jonah Montana on his journey across America's colorful Old West as he investigates the nation's most complex mysteries, alien encounters, dark conspiracies and strange tales of aliens, flying airships, monsters, ghosts and the unexplained. Close Encounters of the Old West is based on documented incidents of the 1800s and dramatized to provide readers a roller coaster ride of suspense and action with colorful characters and abundant historical reference, complete with a comprehensive appendix outlining actual historical accounts of alien sightings and encounters and Native American myth and legend.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
20 July
Logan Hawkes