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Super heroes come to life and transport us to a fantasy world where costumed characters have abilities far beyond most humans and good plays out against evil. This diversion from our own reality, usually shows up in comic books and films, but now these heroes come to life on the pages of The Code 47 to BREV Force Trilogy. The sleepy college town of Island Falls, was never the same after the Kane family arrived, and what followed them there, would change their lives, forever. Twins, Brad and Evie Kane, are college students struggling to live up to the expectations of their world-famous scientist parents, when suddenly, CONTROLLER crashes into their world. No one knows how CONTROLLER, a computer virus became a sentient being, or how it creates holograms and human helpers, but students like Brad's best friend, Jonathan are becoming mindless followers. In this first book of the BREV Force Trilogy, Code 47 to BREV Force - CRACKO, Evie and Brad see what's happening to their friends, but no one is taking the threat seriously, including their parents. The twins take matters into their own hands and sneak into their parent's lab to develop an antidote to CONTROLLER'S mind altering. Their experiment doesn't work, but a lab accident causes side effects of its own when some of their mixture gets into a used petri dish. What bubbles up is the key to the past and the creation of The BREV Force! The BREV Force prepare to go up against CONTROLLER and are surprised by the pros, cons and responsibility their new roles demand, as well as the changes in their personal lives, that shows being a super hero, with or without a costume isn't always easy. CONTROLLER'S influence becomes wide spread and Island Falls is the stage for a showdown between good and evil. Choosing sides isn't as simple as it seems. Family relationships are challenged, friendships are tested, and what started out as a computer virus is building an army to take over the world. During these times when super heroes fill our lives and fantasy trumps reality, our heroes, The BREV Force, are putting it all in the lines of The Code 47 to BREV Force Trilogy, with one goal - Stop CONTROLLER and Save OUR World!

Fiction & Literature
June 26
Golden quill press

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