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When my sons were younger they played video games instead of reading.  I had been a non-fiction writer for years  and decided I was going to take a stab at writing a book for them to read. I took my cue from their love of superheroes.

That was many years ago and 750 pages later. 

Today Code 47 to BREV Force is a sci/fi fantasy that revolves around family, relationships, community and love, with a bit of good vs. evil thrown in. 

Crisis can make super heroes out of ordinary people. These heroes come to life through words and actions on the pages of, "Code 47 to BREV Force."

The sleepy college town of Island Falls, was never the same after the Kane family arrived and what followed them there, would change their lives, forever.

Twins, Brad and Evie Kane, are college students struggling to live up to the expectations of their world-famous scientist parents, when suddenly, CONTROLLER crashes into their world.

No one knows how CONTROLLER, a computer virus became a sentient being. No one knows how it can create holograms who engage with human helpers; who in turn recruit fellow college students to become CONTROLLER'S mindless followers…the Kane twins decide to do whatever is needed to stop CONTROLLER!

Their parent’s and the world governments are finally taking notice too…but is it all too late?

These strong characters will propel you into their world where family, friends, and relationships, are all being tested.  

What happens when we are confronted with real evil...the outcome isn't always what you would expect.  

Young Adult
June 28
Golden Quill Press

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